Tithes and Offerings

Our goal is to spiritually enrich and guide families through biblical studies, and prepare them for everyday issues as they discover God's divine empowerment and grace. We further desire to equip everyone with the necessary spiritual tools to live peaceful and meaningful lives here on earth as we each prepare for His kingdom.

We offer online Bible studies as well as church-based programs.

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Offerings are monetary gifts, which are given to support special needs and causes of the church's ministries and missionaries.

Offerings might be best described as occasional donations for immediate needs, whereas tithes are regular donations supporting all of the church ministries.


Tithes are offerings received from believers wanting to support this ministry by giving a portion of their income as God has blessed them. This selection is for the online community and church members that commit themselves to our Christian training mission on a regular basis.

We honor your privacy and security. We will not be collecting, storing, propagating, or selling your personal information for supplementary donations or solicitations.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor to this ministry. Your contributions are very much appreciated, and will be used to help evangelistic outreaches and discipleship programs both in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, and for the missionaries it supports.

feeding america Our ministry supports Feeding America in helping local communities with basic food needs during these stressful economic times. Just giving $10 dollars brings over five hundred dollars worth of food for those in need in our community.

Corporations are matching donations dollar for dollar this season with Feeding America.

Thank you very much for your support!



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